Patisserie/Pies and Pastries: The Good Cook Techniques and Recipes Series ; Time Life

Patisserie / Pies and Pastries The Good Cook Techniques and Recipes;
Time Life

Titled: Patisserie, part of The Good Cook series, was created in London and revised and titled Pies and Pastries, published as part of the series for America, with separate teams of Time Life Editors for each series, with Chief consultant Richard Olney guiding perduction, editing and the contributions of text and recipes by well (and not so well) known authurs.
The book has two parts; the first part, a teaching, with detailed instructions and photos showing step-by-step methods and the second part an anthology of previously pubPublished recipe, with measurements in both Metric and Imperial.
Patisserie , as part of the 27 cookbooks in the European series, is focused on use in Europe, where Pies and Pastries in the 28 book American series was revised for use in the homes of America.

Richard Olney (Chief consultant)

Aldo Tutino (Photographer)


International consultants


The Good Cook

Published: January 1982
ISBN 10: 0705406121
 ISBN 13: 9780705406123

Pies & Pastries

The Good Cook Techniques & Recipes

Published: March 1981 Edition: 1

ISBN 10: 0809428954

ISBN 13: 9780809428953 BUY Pies & Pastries (The Good Cook Techniques & Recipes)


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