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Foods of the World.

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Now out of print, Time Life published the two series; “The Good Cook, Techniques and Recipes” and “the Foods of the World,” from 1968 through the 80’s.  They were sold Internationally in many bindings. Contrubutions were by Great food writers; Julia Child, Craig Claiborne, Pierre Franey, James Beard, M.F.K. Fisher, Dale Brown and many more.

Reviewed and used by many, always noted as Outstanding!!

The Good Cook Techniques and Recipes, Published in 27 cookbooks for European Chefs and 28 books for the Chefs of America. The Time Life Editors along with Chief consultant cookbook author, Richard Olney, oversaw the production of this teaching series and the contrubutions of text and recipes.  Each cookbook in the series has it’s own theme; Lamb, Pork, Breads, Sauces, Preserving, Wine and so on, with each having two parts;  The first an Instructional detailed teaching part with photos showing step-by-step methods that lead you to SUCCESS of the recipes in the second part, that is an Anthology of previously published recipes.

Used and loved by experienced Chefs around the world,  one of the Best technique cookbook series for aspyring studints of the Culinary Arts in school to the home Cook.

The Foods of the World series, a International  54 book set (27 – 2 book sets each set with one large pictorial hardback of Regional Culture and Cuisines,with a Spiral Soft Back recipe book (for use in the kichen).
You will find the Cuisines of the regions of America to China, Provincial France, India, Afercan to Latin American and more. Text and recipe contrubutions were by; Laurens van der Post, Dale Brown, Peter S. Feibleman, Linda Wolfe, Jonathan Norton Leonard, Santha Rama Rau, Rafael Steinberg, Harry G. Nickles, Helen and George Papashvily and more.
The series contrubutions were overseen by the Time Life Editors guided by consultant  and food writer Michael Field.

The Good Cook SeriesBook List:

Beef and Veal


Biscuits (US; Cookies and Crackers)


Cakes and Pastries (US; Cakes)

Confectionary (US; Candy)

Desserts (US; Classic Desserts)

Eggs and Cheese

Fish and Shellfish (US in two volumes; Fish: Shellfish)


Game (UK only)

Grains, Pasta and Pulses (US two volumes; Dried Beans and  Grains: Pasta)

Hot Hors d’Oeuvres (US Hors d’Oeuvres)


Offal (US; Variety Meats)

Outdoor Cooking

Patisserie (US; Pies and Pastries)




Salads and cold Hors-d’Oeuvre (US; Salads)


Snacks and Canapes (US; Snacks and Sandwiches)


Terrines, Pates and Galantines



Foods of the World book list:

African Cooking
American Cooking
American Cooking : Creole and Acadian
American Cooking : The Eastern Heartland
American Cooking : The Great West
American Cooking : The Melting Pot
American Cooking : New England
American Cooking : The Northwest
American Cooking : Southern Style
Classic French Cooking
The Cooking of the British Isles
The Cooking of the Caribbean Islands
The Cooking of China
The Cooking of Germany
The Cooking of India
The Cooking of Italy
The Cooking of Japan
The Cooking of Provincial France
The Cooking of Scandinavia
The Cooking of Spain and Portugal
The Cooking of Vienna’s Empire
Latin American Cooking
Middle Eastern Cooking
Pacific and Southeast Asian Cooking
Quintet of Cuisines
Russian Cooking
Wines and Spirits

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